New name, who dis?

I am socially transitioning to a new first name – Wolf, as both a shorthand for “littlewolfgoat” and a hint towards “sidhehound”.

For those of you who know me as a different name, I know change is hard but I am asking you to respect this choice. I have been using a different surname for over a decade, and the majority of you have supported me in this. Changing my first name is no different (except that I fully intend to change my legal surname).

I love my legal first name. It was a gift given to me by my parents, both of which are no longer living. I love what it means; “universal grace” is my interpretation of it. However as a non-binary person I have wanted to change to a more gender-neutral name for some years. At the absolute bare minimum, being non-binary means that I, personally, want to be referred to as they/them. People mistakenly call me she/her often, and part of the problem is that my legal name is feminine.

It has taken me some time to pick a gender neutral name that I am happy with. I appreciate that it is an unconventional choice, but for those of you who are close to me and know about my path through life then it makes perfect sense. If it helps you, try thinking of it as a nickname.

This name change is experimental. I may try another name, or I may even switch back to my legal name. This does not mean that it is okay to refer to me as my old name now.

I feel empowered by my new name. It feels like me, and gives me another opportunity to express myself.

Thank you to everyone for your support in this.

Wolf Saanen x


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