What’s in store for 2022?

I still haven’t recovered from 2019, but here we are! 2022 can’t be any worse than the last two years, amirite?

My plan for littlewolfgoat for the next 12 months is to focus on three themes; art, animism, and activism. I’m not sure entirely what this will look like, but I have some ideas.


My art has taken a back seat for the past few months due to my activist work and ongoing illness, but I want to get back into it again.

I have ordered a small number of prints and cards to sell locally. I am looking for a UK-based print-on-demand service that has a minimal environmental impact for other products such as t-shirts and journals, but I haven’t had any luck yet. I want to move away from Etsy as their fees are just ridiculous.

I am looking into taking commissions, but I need to find a way to make it less demanding on me. I am planning on returning to my Twitch stream on Thursday mornings too; I’ve been missing my Twitch peeps!


Since walking away from my shamanic practitioner training my personal spiritual practice has been minimal. It’s like my heart has been broken repeatedly, and I am not able to get over it.

This is the year I reclaim my practice. I was an animist long before I discovered core shamanism. and so I remain an animist. I won’t be doing client work this year, while I work on my own healing.


I want to continue in my volunteer role with everyone’s favourite environmental protest group. The past year was super stressful, what with COP26 taking place on our doorstep, but we did it and nothing was fixed so we have to keep going.

In my post-COP26 reflections, I realised I was focused too much on the “big picture” and have been neglecting the “small picture”. Looking at the big picture is important because we are trapped in systems that are destroying the planet and we need systemic changes to fix things. But there are things I can do personally and locally to improve things too; a bottom-up approach to things, rather than top-down.

So here I am, with a map scribbled on the back of a napkin, getting ready to make my way into 2022. I’m feeling good about it. 🙂


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