Hello there!

I’m Wolf Saanen, known as “littlewolfgoat” (my internet handle) and “Sidhehound” (my Pagan name). I was born in 1983 (Aries sun, Pisces moon, Leo ascendant), and I live just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

I like to think I am an artist because I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, but I don’t create as often as I would like. I am a practical animist, having been involved in various Pagan communities since 2004 (Wicca, Druidry, and core shamanism). And I am an activist, with various roles in an organisation fighting to prevent climate catastrophe.

Like most folk, my identity is complex. I am non-binary/genderfluid, and I use they/them pronouns (even on days when I present as my assigned gender at birth). I consider myself disabled, living with fibromyalgia, emotionally unstable personality disorder, possible ADHD, pernicious anaemia, and a mystery abdominal pain with no known source. I’m vegan for ethical reasons, as you cannot humanely kill someone who doesn’t want to die. I’m also polyamorous, and a therianthrope, but those things are a bit too complex for a simple introduction. I enjoy Dungeons & Dragons, and looking after my houseplants, and I have recently got back into live music. Finally, I have a habit of developing fixations on people, ideas and things. My fixations as of December 2022 are Furbies (and Long Furbies), and rhinoceros beetles as pets.

I’ve had a website and blog presence online since about 2003, and this is the latest incarnation. I hope that in 2023 I can be more active in this space though I am not sure what that will look like.

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