Staring into the gaping jaws of the ancient matriarch, a cryptic message was delivered straight into my heart that I have yet to decipher.

My friend invited me to the T.rex in Town exhibition in Glasgow, and I was overwhelmed and overjoyed to be in the presence of “Trix” – a tyranosaur discovered in Montana. Glasgow is the last stop in her European tour before returning to her main residence on the Netherlands, and it is was real privilege to be able to see this incredible piece of natural history.

After walking around her, I needed to sit for a moment and really grasp the reality of what I was seeing. I squeezed onto a bench right in front of her, and tried to comprehend just how far apart our lives are in time and space. I couldn’t. And then I had one of my moments, where I think I blanked out and then felt this incredible expansive energy in my chest – a gift from the tyranosaur.

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Reintroduction to Shamanism

Entrance to the Earth Lodge at Anam Cara

I have been practicing some form of neo-pagan shamanism on and off for the past decade, but chronically feeling lost in my experiences. I made a breakthrough this year though!

It began when a friend recommended a local shamanic practitioner who was taking on clients. Tiffany has had such an amazing influence on me over the past few months. With her guidance I have come to a better understanding of what makes me tick, work through some toxic relationships, and finally have the confidence to pursue the path of a shamanic practitioner myself.

I’ve half-heartedly tried to become a shamanic practitioner in the past, but I had to work through a lot of issues of confidence and ego. I still have to work through a lot of issues of confidence and ego, but I have an awareness of them now. I am now in a place where I can step forward.

One of Twobird's drums.

The universe recognised that, and finally, I found a teacher who I felt was the right fit for me.

I am just back from an amazing weekend of training with Tiffany’s teacher, Twobirds. I joined her Introduction to Shamanism course at Anam Cara, an amazing retreat centre in Inverness. I cannot find words to express my joy and gratitude for my time with Twobirds, and my amazing fellow students. Being able to share such powerful experiences with such wonderful people has left me feeling truly blessed, and I am ready to keep walking this path.

This is who I am and what I do.